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Workshop (Extreme) Storytelling Cristina De Middel

Spanish photographer Cristina De Middel investigates photography’s ambiguous relationship to truth. Since 2017, she’s a Magnum Nominee. Come and join the workshop Extreme Storytelling in April 2020, Ghent.



Photographer: Cristina De Middel

When: Thursday April 9th, up until Saturday April 11th (9h-17h30)

Where: Ghent, Belgium

Max. nr. of participants: 12

Registration fee: €559 (€676,39 VAT incl.)

What are the possibilities of photography when you leave traditional conceptions behind? Playing with the concept of reality and the photographer’s capacity to visually reinvent the world, this workshop seeks to push you outside your comfort zone photographically.

Breaking down the boundaries between documentary and conceptual photography, Cristina de Middel will introduce you to her practice and the construction of visual narratives. In addition to the practical skills, Cristina will address key phases of the creative process, from conception of the original idea, and searching for sources and documentation, to final decisions on exhibition vs. editorial form. 

As a group, you’ll work towards the delivery of an edited, physical body of work during the 3 days.

Through this workshop, you’ll develop your own personal style and sense of authorship through storytelling, acquiring the skills to deliver a creative project, from concept, shooting and editing for a book format.

About Cristina De Middel

Cristina De Middel is a Spanish photographer whose work investigates photography’s ambiguous relationship to truth. Blending documentary and conceptual photographic practices, she plays with reconstructions and archetypes that blur the border between reality and fiction.

With more than 12 books published, Cristina De Middel has exhibited extensively internationally and has received numerous awards and nominations, including PhotoFolio Arles 2012, the Deutsche Börse Prize, the Infinity Award from the International Center of Photography in New York.

Cristina de Middel is a Magnum nominee since 2017 and lives and works between Mexico and Brazil.

More about Cristina De Middel on Lens Culture, and on her website

Am I good enough? 

Yes, you are if you know your camera inside out (telephone cameras are also accepted), and if you’re interested in pushing your boundaries photographically. The number of participants is limited to 12, so we can tune in to the invidivual skills of each participant.

What gear do I need?

Your digital reflex camera or telephone camera, and your laptop with editing software. 

What’s included in the registration fee?

The workshop itself, and strong coffee :-) Lunch is optional (+€36). Travelling costs, breakfast, dinner and hotel fees are excluded from the registration fee and need to be booked/provided for by the participants themselves.