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Workshop Documentary Carl De Keyzer

How to initiate your next big project? Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer offers guidance on how to initiate and build a documentary project while working on a short assignment, during a three-day workshop in Ghent, Belgium, in November 2019.

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Documentary Photography

Photographer: Carl De Keyzer

When: Friday, November 1, up until Sunday, November 3

Where: Ghent, Belgium

Max. nr of participants: 12

Registration fee: €780 (VAT incl.)

How to initiate your next big project? Carl: ‘I’ve often been sent to places where I would never have gone to of my own accord, but that proved to be incubators for a long term project. My aim for the three-day workshop in Ghent is to offer guidance on how to initiate and build a documentary project while working on a short assignment.’

Please note: Carl De Keyzer is one of Belgium’s most distinguished photographers, and for Tell Me A Picture it’s an honour to host the workshop Documentary Photography in November 2019. However, in the event that Mr. De Keyzer accepts a major assignment for that period of the year, the workshop will be rescheduled. Therefore, we ask you to consult our Terms & Agreements, and to take out cancellation insurance for all of your bookings.

Carl: ‘Sometimes my projects are inspired by a news article, sometimes they are well planned, and sometimes I stumble upon a subject. It’s my job to see the potential of an idea, and what impact it could have on the viewers. I use aesthetics to attract people to come and look closer at the picture because they find it beautiful. Once they have approached it, they see what it’s about. I’d like to refer to my apocalyptic book on floods, that is in fact about the end of the world. It’s like a flower that attracts the beast. It looks pretty, but once you come closer, it may not smell so nice. So in short, a picture for me also has to be critical. My pictures come both sweet and sour.’

Carl De Keyzer kicks off the three-day workshop with a lecture/briefing, after which you'll discuss your own experiences and hurdles together with the other participants and Carl. In the afternoon you'll receive your assignment, and be sent forth into the street of Ghent. The following days will consist of a mix of individual meetings, group discussions, active photographing and intense coaching. At the end of the day, there’s French wine and Belgian beer :-)

The above program is preliminary; we’ll update it in the coming months.

Am I good enough? Yes, you are if you know your (digital) reflex camera inside out, and if you’re interested in telling a bigger story. The number of participants is limited to 12, so we can tune in to the invidivual skills of each participant. 

What gear do I need? Your digital reflex camera, and your laptop with editing software.

What’s included in the registration fee? The workshop itself, and strong coffee :-) Lunch is optional (+€36). Travelling costs, breakfast, dinner and hotel fees are excluded from the registration fee and need to be booked/provided for by the participants themselves.