Tell me a picture


How do you photograph a story? Tell Me A Picture invites professional photographers to convey their take on storytelling. Through the workshops, you learn to develop your own imagery, to carefully assemble sets of pictures that tell the story you want to tell, and to master the elements that make your story one that people listen to.  


Documentary Photography

Photographer: Carl De Keyzer

How to initiate your next big project? Carl: ‘I’ve often been sent to places where I would never have gone to of my own accord, but that proved to be incubators for a long term project. My aim for the three-day workshop in Ghent is to offer guidance on how to initiate and build a documentary project while working on a short assignment.’

When: 1/11 - 2/11 3/11 - Location: Ghent, Belgium - Registration Fee: €780 (VAT incl.) -Language: English


Documentary Photography

Photographer: Bieke Depoorter

When: February 2020, register for our newsletter

Where: Ghent (Belgium)

Max. number of participants: 12

Language: English